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The Menininho Turns 4


I love traditions and decided last year that a fun birthday tradition would be to ask them the same set of questions about their lives, to see how their answers changed over time. Here is the Menininho’s “favorites list” at age 4. All responses are verbatim.

Favorite food: Cheerios and milk and oatmeal (can you tell I asked him during breakfast?)
Favorite dinner: Pasta
Favorite fruit: Um, watermelon
Favorite TV show: All the shows, on the PBS kids shows. PBS Kids is on WVIZ.
Favorite song: The February Song (My Heavenly Father Loves Me)
Favorite book: SUPERHEROES (yes, he yelled it, and no, it’s not a book)
Favorite toy: My computer because I really gotta exit a problem. The problem #1 is you took away my computer yesterday. That’s problem #1.
Favorite singer: Daddy and you.
Favorite stuffed animal: Um, I guess Polar Bear
Favorite animal: Lions
Favorite place to go: Dairy Queen (he’s only been here 3 times)
Best friend: Olivia
Things I like to do for fun: Play tag.

child smiling

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  1. so adorable! “That’s problem #1” -attitude. My studiomate and I are sitting here laughing his picture is so cute.


    marfmom Reply:

    it was so hard not to bust out laughing when he did the whole “problem #1” thing.


  2. I love this idea! I think I’m going to do this with Daniel. Thanks for the nudge!


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