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Running for Marfan


Recently, the National Marfan Foundation has started a fundraising initiative using marathons. We call it Team Heart and Soul. Team members fundraise as a condition of being on the team, while then naturally raising awareness. It’s a great way to get loved ones involved, since obviously those of us with Marfan aren’t going to be running any races!

21 runners will be participating for Team Heart and Soul in the Marine Corps marathon on Oct. 28th, with 5 people running the Marine Corps 10K that same day.

My friend Micah wrote yesterday to tell me that his girlfriend Stephanie, who is planning to be a nurse, is running the New York City marathon in his honor. Micah was in the teen program when I first started helping coordinate it, back in 2006. This summer he had his third heart surgery, to replace his aortic arch. I think it’s so awesome that Stephanie is supporting Micah in this way! If you’d like to support Stephanie in her efforts, go here.

How cute are they?!

And, if you’re interested in running for Team Heart and Soul in the future, let me know and I will put you in touch with the person coordinating those races. Another race is coming up soon!

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