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New Blog Sections!


Please bear with me, I know I didn’t really post last week and this week may be a bit short on posts as well. We’ve had a lot going on, not all of which I can blog about unfortunately.

But, on the upside, I’m excited to introduce some new sections of the blog! If you look up top, you’ll now see a section for birth/surrogacy/adoption stories, a section for diagnosis stories, and a section for celebration of life stories (posts about loved ones who have lost their lives due to Marfan or a related disorder). I want to make it easier for people visiting this site to find the Marfan and related disorder information that they need.

As always, I welcome guest posts by people with Marfan syndrome & related disorders and their families. I would like to add a surgery stories section as well, so I’m particularly looking for posts in that vein, as well as surrogacy and adoption posts (where one or both parents is affected by Marfan & therefore decided to use a surrogate or adopt).

Any topics that I’m missing and should definitely be including?

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