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Mothers’ Day


I had a wonderful Mothers’ Day yesterday! Once a year my husband makes an exception and brings me a meal in bed (he’s not a food in the bedroom sort of guy). This year I got a cheddar omelette.

Now, let me explain to you about this omelette. Apparently cooking eggs is a genetic trait passed on through the Z. family men. I never liked eggs, not until sometime in college when Mark’s dad made scrambled eggs one morning while I was visiting and I ate some to be nice and holy cow they were GREAT EGGS! I’ve tried to replicate said scrambled eggs and I just can’t do it. But Mark: he can really cook ‘em!

So this omelette. It was amazing. Spots of a golden brown, not at all soggy, perfectly folded. Great way to start the day.

Our church has this tradition of doing a luncheon for all the women, and that was great. The men were in charge (but who is anyone kidding…it was all their wives!) and there were chicken salad sandwiches, croissants, a variety of fruit and veggies, and sweet bread and brownies for dessert. 2nd meal of the day I didn’t have to share with a hungry toddler smacking my thigh with an open mouth. That’s a biiiig deal!

After Skyping with my in-laws for a bit and having a failed attempt at a grilled cheese sandwich (moldy bread! travesty!), Mark made me my favorite pancakes. A-MAAAAZ-ING. 3rd meal of the day I could enjoy on my own.

Are you noticing a theme here, with my Mothers’ Day?

I’m finally getting my appetite back.

Got a few very thoughtful presents, took a nap, chatted with my mom and grandmothers, and spent time with my boys. In a word, excellent.

How did you spend your Mothers’ Day?

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  1. What a wonderful Mothers’ Day!

    We kept it casual around here. Tonight is actually the night that Hubs is taking me out to a nice restaurant that I’ve been waiting to try out. Sunday was pretty normal, but instead of my catering to our son’s every need, Hubs took over. I still have a mouthful of carrots stuck to my jeans, but what’re you gonna do, right? :)


  2. I spent my mother’s day with my mother! It was so nice to just spend some quality time with that sweet woman!


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