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I’m headed to Columbus for an adoption conference this weekend, one that our agency puts on. I’m on the board for our state’s support group and that is keeping me busy. It helps with the wait. For this conference I was in charge of finding babysitters (which didn’t go so well), making birthmother gifts (these get mailed out to women in our area I think?) and securing cards for them that we can all write in. The gifts are picture frames with a quote in them and Mark helped me design them. He did a great job! Starting this summer I will be in charge of our group’s blog/social media, and I’m helping to plan an adoption awareness walk in the fall.

Like I said, busy! :-)

Last week we sent in a packet to Project Cuddle, an agency that helps mothers who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy, in order to prevent infant abandonment. They aren’t an adoption agency but they keep homestudy-approved parent profiles on hand for any expectant mothers that decide they want to consider adoption. They also provide services to women who decide to parent, which the majority decide to do. So, they now have our profile on hand. I also set up a profile on the Adoptimist website.

This morning M told me, “It is hard to wait for my baby sister.” We talked about how the wait for a new baby is hard for all of us, and that it’s ok to be sad about it sometimes. We also tried to explain we might be waiting a lot longer. Anyone have suggestions on books about adoption geared towards young children?

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