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LOVE This Kid


Ok, so this is more of a wordFUL Wednesday, but I can’t help it!

Just look at this kid.

He did his counter-clockwise walking around the table like this for quite awhile the other night. I’m grateful that Menininho paused long enough for Mark to snap a picture.

It’s been rough for me lately, working on the special education stuff for my son. There are days when it’s just so sad that I have to sit and cry. I end up comparing him to other kids his age and sniffling to Mark “Why won’t he let me hold him when he cries? Will we ever get him to quit hitting himself? I wish we could play TOGETHER.”

And then he does something like put a tablespoon in his mouth and make a funny face and my heart swells and I realize I am darn lucky to be his momma.

He is a joy.

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  1. What a beautiful Momma 😉 Keep it up.


  2. Awww, he is adorable!!!!!!


  3. Those moments give you the strength to carry on!


  4. He is just the cutest! We love little Miles! And you are a wonderful Mama.


  5. LOVE it! I understand a bit of how you feel, Maya. In addition to Aaron’s medical issues, he also has lots of sensory issues and some communication problems. It’s hard to “reach” him some days, and I find that more frustrating then the physical, medical problems.

    Cry when you need to — then, laugh and enjoy him! Remember, you’re in Holland…


  6. I can’t say I know what it’s like to raise a child with special needs, but I can say that I know how those moments, when you feel like you are so very lucky, are the ones that feel the best. That’s what !!! on my blog is all about.


  7. As a special needs mama, I totally understand living for the fun moments… my hubby has the right perspective that it’s ok for our son to be different than his peers because he’s wonderful in his own way and you’ll find that your little guy will make his heart felt in new ways… great pic btw!


  8. You are truly blessed. And so is he.


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