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LOST and the OB Appt.


Ok first up? Let’s discuss LOST. Who else watched last night? Yep, I did the whole marathon…watching Jimmy Kimmel’s debriefing right now. Were you happy with the ending? I want to hear your theories! Leave them in the comments and let’s hash it all out!

Outside of that, I had my OB appointment on Wednesday. I still need to scan in the ultrasound pics, so I’ll try to post those on soon. Mark and the Menininho accompanied me, because one of my girlfriends told me it might help with sibling rivalry if he came to all my appointments and saw the ultrasounds.

I really liked the Maternal Fetal Specialist Fellow who did my ultrasound. My cardiologist told me there are only a couple of fellows at a time and they attend all the births, so I’m really hoping that she will be there for mine. At first she had a hard time finding the baby, so I was holding my breath there for a few minutes. Finally it appeared: “Your baby’s just kind of a smudge today, here’s the heartbeat!, but by the time you have your NT ultrasound in a couple weeks you’ll be amazed at how much you can see,” she said.

When she left to get my doctor, I turned to Mark and said, “the baby’s name is Smudge.” And he agreed.

I am liking the doctor himself a bit better now. He’s nothing if not thoughtful. He’s putting me on baby aspirin because he’s read papers that suggest it might help prevent pre-eclampsia from happening in subsequent pregnancies and since we don’t know if I had it last time, it makes sense to be cautious. Also? HE AGREED TO MOVE FORWARD WITH MY PLANS FOR A VBAC! This is really, really, good news for me. I know he doesn’t agree with it 100%, but I appreciate that he apparently respects me enough to allow me to make my own decisions about my body. Hopefully this keeps up.

Now, I’m still early in pregnancy and there’s a lot of time for things to change that would make a VBAC too risky, but for now I believe this is what I want. And in a future post, maybe next Monday, I’m going to outline my personal risks and benefits for a VBAC verse another c-section, because Dr. Pyeritz and Dr. Liang have said there are ZERO papers on VBACs in Marfan patients and I think it needs to be talked about. I told the OB he can write a case report on my VBAC if he wants. Was that wrong to offer? Haha.

I’ll leave you with a belly pic from last night (11 weeks)

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  1. Oh Maya, I’m so happy to see your belly bump! I am oly 10 weeks and my belly is already growing. With my weight issues it has been messing with my head because it seems to early. But seeing you, slender and at a healthy weight with a growing belly only a week ahead of me makes me feel better.
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. My brother was convinced I was having twins because I got big so fast, lol. My doctor said it’s really common to show a lot faster with subsequent pregnancies, especially if the tissue/muscle/skin around the tummy isn’t very firm (which mine is not firm at ALL). Too bad you guys won’t be at conf. or we could get a picture together of our fabulous baby bumps! Next year though, we’ll definitely get a picture of our babies together!!!


  3. I’m glad you have a doctor who is listening to your wishes and that everything is going well!

    I’m boring, so I’ve never seen an episode of Lost. Lame, I know.


  4. Okay, first the more important part of your post. Congrats on succesfull OB appointment, so wonderfull to see your “smudge” and especially the heartbeat, magicall. And great to hear your DR is receptive to a VBAC. awesome for you!

    Second: LOST. Whoa. okay. I’m still kinda pondering, I have so many questions. Did they get to leave the Island, where are they going now? Heaven I assume? I LOVED seeing them all re connect, Sawyer and Juliet had me in tears, as did Claire and Charlie, and Shannon and Sayid (YUM) I felt like the covered most of the bases in terms of what the fans wanted to see. I might watch it again tonight and then reavaluate


  5. I don’t want to second-guess your OB since, obviously, he has a medical degree and I do not. But, after you mentioned it on twitter I looked up some stuff about baby aspirin in pregnancy. From what I found (which may or may not be super-scientific sources) there *may* be some benefit to taking low-dose aspirin, but there’s also still questions about whether it might also cause potential harm to the baby (here’s one link I found: If you’re not even sure if you had preeclampsia before, I wonder how necessary it is to take the aspirin… I don’t know, I’m not trying to freak you out or tell you what to do, I guess just saying try to do some good research on it (if you haven’t already) to see if it makes sense to you.

    I recently read “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” and she mentioned that in the several decades that she’s been helping women give birth at her center, she’s only ever had a handful on women develop preeclampsia (compared to the estimated 1 in 20 in the general population). She swears that diet changes (mainly, avoiding refined & processed foods, sticking to whole foods as much as possible) makes a bit difference.

    BTW– it looks like we’re on the same timeline! I’m 11 weeks right now, too. =) My belly ends up looking close to the same size as yours at night. My hubby keeps rubbing my belly, I think he’s really getting a kick out of watching me grow again. =P


  6. I’ve only seen one episode of LOST and it was last night’s finale (I know, I know, I kinda ruined my plans to watch from season 1), but I thought the finale was… interesting. I think they should have done it so the island ended up sinking and they all ended up dying in the island universe, but living on in the alternate universe with their newly gained memories of the island one…. but what do I know, I’ve only seen one episode. Cute belly pic, btw!

    Stopping by from SITS!


  7. Congrats on the baby bump! I hope you have a smooth and easy pregnancy and get your wish for VBAC :)

    I LOVE Lost…I am so sad it’s now over. I liked the finale but would have liked a few more answers given. What royally pissed me off was ALL THE COMMERCIALS!! One every 8 min is just a little rediculous. Pop on over to my blog if you get a chance to see my post about the finale

    Visiting from SITS


  8. Oh my goodness! Pregnancy really suits you Maya. You look absolutely fantastic. :) I love the name Smudge. I say he/she should be known in the blogging world as Smudge until birth. lol
    Congratulations on getting the go-ahead so far for a VBAC. It’d be so great if you be the first Marfan VBAC patient. You’d help so many pregnant Marfan women in the future. I think the work you do within the Marfan community and your mentorship with the youth is just outstanding. I hope only good things come your way.
    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad that you’re enjoying my ONHD posts. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


  9. Congrats on your visible (from the outside) Smudge! Very cool! Glad to hear that everything is going well and your OB respects your wishes. It’s funny (not funny) how OBs are so worried about VBACs, even with women who have no health concerns. My first was a C-section. My second a VBAC. I am so glad I was able to experience both. I hope you’re able to make your VBAC wishes come true!



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