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Friday Favorites


I’ve got some great blog posts to showcase this week!

First up is my friend Kristine’s blog, Cora’s Story. I mentioned Cora once before, during CHD week in February. Cora died in Kristine’s arms when she was 5 days old, from an undiagnosed Congenital Heart Disease. The simple pulse ox test might have caught Cora’s CHD and saved her life, so now Kristine spreads awareness about this test in Cora’s name. I didn’t know about the pulse ox test when Menininho was born, but you can bet Baby #2 won’t be leaving the hospital without having it done! Last week, Kristine went to Washington with other CHD Awareness advocates to talk to policy makers. Then, tomorrow is Cora’s 5 month birthday. As happens every month, Kristine encourages others to wear pink for Cora and to do a good turn for someone else.

Next up is Azucar aka Carina aka one of the most fabulous women on the Internet. I look up to her. She’s a breastfeeding, golf-club toting, babywearing, witty, speak-her-mind woman. This week she guest-blogged over at Cjane’s about being a SAHM after being a WOHM. Her blog is The Jet Set though, and this week did a series called “Things I don’t get,” which included Nutella commercials and fundraisers. Before long, Carina is headed back to work, so she’s got a list of things she wants to do before then. And, if you’ve got time, check out the awesome Easter eggs she made!

Last but not least is a blog I was just introduced to tonight, but will have to follow from now on! Jess writes Diary of a Mom, and BigGreenPen passed on Jess’s April 29th article. It’s about her experience of visiting her daughter’s old preschool class several years later for an art exhibit, and the emotions that arise. It’s beautifully written!

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  1. Thanks so much for the link. And thanks to Big Green Pen for ‘introducing’ us!

    All the best to you and your GORGEOUS little boy!


  2. Hi Maya! I got a little behind on my blog hopping this week, but I’m ready to get back in the swing of things! Can’t wait to check out this week’s Friday Favorites.
    Thanks for stopping by my place. I hope you enjoy the garlic grilled cheese sandwiches. We’re having some tonight with our soup. :) Have a great evening.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


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