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Friday Favorites


So many great posts this week, it was hard to narrow it down! Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

If you’re a working mother, you MUST read the article To My Friends Who Work Outside the Home, by Jaelithe. I thought it was beautifully written and it’s been getting rave reviews from working moms all over the Internet.

You will love Anne at Adventures in Beanland. I promise. Unless you hate beautiful photographs and cute toddlers and tasty recipes and healthy eating. Then you won’t. Anne is actually my friend in Real Life! She is mom to an adorable little girl (with another baby on the way!), married to a soon-to-be-resident, works for SmugMug, and knows more than anyone I know about healthy eating, besides just being an all around cool gal. This week Anne wrote an article titled Tips for Flying With a Baby or Toddler. If you’re ever planning on flying with a small child, read this. Anne knows her stuff: her 2 year old has been on 48 flights, including multiple international flights.

I have a bit of a beef with Facebook right now. They have an interesting definition of “sexually offensive material.” It appears that any images which might be demeaning to women and portray them in a highly sexual manner are totally UNoffensive and appropriate, especially if they’re part of an advertisement. Pictures of women breastfeeding, on the other hand, are totally offensive and inappropriate. April over at Eclectic Effervescence wrote the post Offense about this very issue. And yes, the post contains pictures of breasts.

Annie at PhD in Parenting is one of the smartest bloggers I know. She puts a ton of research into all her posts. All I Think About is Princesses… is about the Disney princess phenomenon through the eyes of a feminist. But more than that, I think it’s about gender stereotyping and how companies are creating and playing up these stereotypes. Also, if you have some time, you MUST MUST MUST read Annie’s series on Nestle. It’s amazing and an eye-opener for sure.

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  1. Great bloggers highlighted this week. Annie is great, isn’t she. And don’t get me STARTED on the breastfeeding thing on FB! I have breastfed in a coffee shop, an embassy, on the underground and at a launch this week. Eat that, facebook! lol. Great idea – I love your Friday Favourites!


  2. Oh … I love finding new recipes … very grateful to have a family willing to be my testers. Thanks for the link to Anne’s site.

    Happy SITS Saturday ~j.


  3. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely check them out.

    Happy Sunday!


  4. Oh, I love when there are other blogs to read in posts!! thanks for stopping by my blog (your husband made me frown, and I believe all of Italy frowns with me 😛 ), we love the company over there!


  5. I can’t wait to go check out some of your favorite bloggers this was a fun post


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