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Very excited about today’s featured posts! I hope you will enjoy these bloggers as much as I do.

First up we have Gina The Feminist Breeder’s post, How to Have a Better VBAC. I am convinced that VBACs are awesome, as I’ve learned more about the benefits. My cardiologist recently mentioned he thinks I’d be a good candidate for a VBAC (you know, if I were to have another pregnancy) which, after Menininho’s birth, was something I never even thought I’d be able to consider. Then, I came across Gina’s post. Her tips are great and helped her get her VBAC (which I’m hoping is even easier this time around!).

Luschka tweeted me her post on breastfeeding, called For the Love of Breasts. I miss breastfeeding. I miss it a lot. I mean, yes, the increased flexibility of not having to schedule around feedings is nice, and my son is biting my shoulder and knee instead of my nipple, but I still miss that connection. Luschka’s post sums up what I, and probably most nursing mothers, love about breastfeeding.

Kristi is my Twitter buddy. We bonded over hairy legs. No joke. But be honest…in the winter, how many of you ladies really shave regularly? That’s what I thought. Anyway, Kristi’s blog. Read it, love it! Kristi has had her breastfeeding ups and downs, so I was particularly excited to read her post, “Mom, When Are Babies Supposed to Stop Breastfeeding?” about when her teenage son asked that question.

I’ve read several great articles from Don’t Pat the Belly recently, but her post Yellow is Radical? jumped out at me. Her article was inspired by The Feminist Breeder’s family’s recent appearance on the Discovery Health special Radical Parenting. Gina’s family was selected because they practice Gender Neutral parenting and like DPTB, I was kind of surprised this is considered radical. Mark and I never sat down and said “lets not push gender stereotypes,” it just kind of felt natural. Perhaps partly because I’ve worked with so many guys who can’t fit the ultra-athletic masculine mold, I don’t like the gender stereotypes, and it seemed to make sense to follow my child’s lead on what kind of toys and books he likes than to try to tell him what to play with and read. DPTB sums up the philosophy well, especially with the line (describing her son’s daycare) “the emphasis is on imagination, not who should play with what toy.”

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  1. We did bond over hairy legs, didn’t we? lol Thanks for selecting my breastfeeding post. I’m so honored!
    Well, it’s time to head on over and check out the rest of your Friday Favorites. Have a great weekend!

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


  2. Love your friday follow — might have to join y’all next week! :) Great way to meet new bloggers for sure… I met 2 great ones tonight just through your blog alone!



  3. I had 2 vbacs, the second of which was a home birth! I am very thankful that it worked for me – I know it doesn’t for every woman.


  4. Maya- Thanks for stopping by my blog…
    returning the favor… Man breastfeeding was so long ago, but I do miss the closeness you have with your kids then- no matter how close you are it’s just not the same when they get older.


  5. I missed breastfeeding when I stopped a year ago. Stopping from SITS!


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