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Friday Favorites

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Welcome to Friday Favorites! If you’re new to the blog, here’s how to play along. Every Friday I devote my post to showcasing awesome blog posts by other bloggers that I’ve read over the past week or two. I invite you to do the same and link up here, OR just link up directly to those posts you’ve loved this week. This is any easy way to share the love and find great new blogs.

It’s been so busy here that I’m behind on Friday Favorites. Today I’ve got a list of links for you, in no particular order. Check them out!

1) Erin Kotecki Vest of Queen of Spain wrote Look Down: I’m in the Wheelchair

2) Jona of Life, Intertwined wrote Healing

3) Jean Winegardner of Stimeyland wrote My 7-Year-Old Knows He Has Autism

4) Dan of Single Dad Laughing wrote Worthless Women and Men Who Make Them

5) Kim Opitz wrote I Support Natural Childbirth… and I’m Planning a Cesarean

6) Anna Quindlen wrote the excellent essay The Best Part of Parenting

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One Comment

  1. I LOVE that you share these other posts! I need to try this sometime as I read so many good posts throughout the week. Loved that guest post on unnecessarian!

    And YOU asked your hubs out too?! Wow!! We are rock star ladies! hehe. Going for what we want, eh? 😉 Thanks for sharing that with me! Happy Sunday mama!


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