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First Bike


Mark & I bought the Menininho a Radio Flyer trike, in the hopes of lots of family walks this summer. M picked out the Dora (Dooooh-laaaaah!) helmet himself. It arrived today and poor little guy could hardly wait for Daddy to get home and assemble the trike for him to try out. As you can see, Baby J was eager to help his older brother get around! There were lots of “I do mySELF!” and “I fig-yew-er-ing out!”

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  1. I can hear him saying – I do it mySELF. So cute


  2. It’s confirmed ….. M IS the cutest boy in the world ….. henceforth known as TCBITW!


    marfmom Reply:

    lol well that just rolls right off the tongue!


  3. Love it!!


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