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Dear Toy Manufacturers


Dear Toy Manufacturers:

I understand you want your toys to look their best. All the parts need to be positioned correctly, you don’t want pieces sliding around during shipment, yada yada yada.

But REALLY: What is up with the kajillion twisty ties?! Especially after you’ve wrapped each individual piece in heavy duty plastic?!?!

I suppose I could complain about how the twisty ties pose choking hazards to my toddler and cat. Or, I could complain about the environmental impact that all that plastic will make in the landfills. But instead, I’m going to complain about the impact on my poor fingers.

Have you ever had an over-eager, whiney toddler grabbing at an exciting new toy while you try to undo 10,000 twisty ties? No? I can tell, because you FRENCH BRAID them together. Is that truly necessary? And, uh, the wheels on that school bus aren’t going anywhere, so they don’t need to be wrapped in ties. Having Marfan does give me the advantageous of having flexible fingers, but I feel for those stubby-fingered citizens of the world, like my dear husband (we affectionately say he has Hobbit Hands).

All of our lives would be easier if you just used one twisty tie per item. Each piece to the toy would stay in place during shipping and my fingers would be much happier. Thank you for your consideration,

Much love,

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  1. I hear you! And it is not only toy packages, I just tried to open a package yesterday that was encased in heavy plastic, it almost came down to needing a chainsaw to get it open!!


  2. Exactly! Is it really necessary for a bagillion twisties? no, i think not. Thanks for the note!


  3. That drives me nuts! And so do those hard plastic cases that things come in too! I was trying to open a set of garden tools the other night and had to use tin snips to cut the plastic it was that hard!

    :) great post as always!


  4. Preach it sister! I wish toy companies wouldn’t sew Barbie dolls into their boxes too. It’s a pain to snip those little threads without giving Barbie a haircut!
    Great post Maya. Have a great day. :)

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


  5. Thank you!!!! Bout time somebody said it!


  6. AMEN!!!!

    Grace’s birthday was yesterday and she got all new toys – it took me 10 minutes to unwrap the Barbie and another 15 to get the Zhu Zhu Pet out of its packaging….seriously, those plastic wraps were weaved through the hamsters wheels! Craziness that it took 3 adults to get one $10 toy out of the package.


  7. [takes hands out of pockets]

    You see…
    I have these tiny hands.


  8. Are you, by chance, speaking of the Little People bus? The Easter bunny brought that to our house. I happen to know that it took said Easter bunny 15 full minutes to fully dismantle the packaging. Luckily, the Easter bunny is wise beyond her years and did so the night before.


    marfmom Reply:

    Why YES, Abbey, I am in fact talking about the Little People bus! It was INSANE! My mother bought it for Menininho’s birthday and it took 2 months to get here (looong story).


  9. Thank you for this! I cannot stand those! I just bought my Dd a “bathing time baby doll” set and each toy was covered with twist ties. It was horrible, and she was not happy at all that is was taking so long to get the “lea-luh”(her name for dolls) out of the packaging.


  10. What is UP with that!! Drives me CRAZY! =)
    We have learned over the years to cut toys out of packaging… untwist everything… and put them back in packaging before wrapping!! Makes Christmas morning and birthdays A LOT smoother!! =) visiting from Kristi’s …


  11. Lol – that made me laugh, but you’re totally right.


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