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Class Birthday Party


Just finished stuffing the goody bags for M to take to school tomorrow. His 4th birthday was on Saturday, and I forgot to plan for his class party (not so much a party as the kids eating a snack I have sent with M and each getting goody bags…no parent allowed). In my defense, I’ve been planning his actual birthday party. Anyway, I wrote the teacher and asked if we could do it on Tuesday. Then with the snow day I completely forgot. So, everyone sang to M yesterday and he got his birthday crown and there was no treat. Luckily 1) it didn’t bother him and 2) the teacher sent home a note that I could send stuff today.

Even the most “together” moms forget sometimes, right???

goody bags

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  1. I just see it as a way to EXTEND the birthday celebrations for M. Two days worth of M celebrations at school is way awesome! :)


    marfmom Reply:

    lol this is truly the longest birthday ever. we had a joint party with his grandfather on saturday, family dinner was last night, then 2 class things and his friends party on saturday. wasn’t intending for it to quite work out this way, haha.


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