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The last few months I’ve gotten out of the habit of scheduling posts, something I’m working on. So, while I’m mapping out what I’ll be writing about this month, what are some topics (particularly connective tissue disorder related) that you’d be interested in reading about? Let me know!

Also, I’m going to be on vacation in a few weeks (out of state doctor appointments, then the beach!) and am looking for people to guest post while I’m away. I’ll also need some posts for while I’m at conference. I’ve had a request for more pregnancy posts (women with Marfan or a related disorder who experienced pregnancy), so those would be particularly great, but I’m open to anything Marfan/RD related.

And here is a picture unrelated to anything, but cute: J (he dressed himself, obviously) hanging out in my mom’s moving truck.

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  1. Sorry about the doctor’s appointments, I hope they are painless ones. But YAY to the much deserved vacation!


    marfmom Reply:

    Thanks! I can NOT wait! I haven’t been to a beach I can swim in since high school. (The beaches where we lived in California, while beautiful, were no good for laying out, sea shell hunting, or swimming.) The appointments are just for cardio, so relatively painless :) Hoping J will lay still for his echocardiogram!


  2. Hello Maya!
    I would love to guest blog for you, just let me know when :) I’m praying we will make it to the conference this year.. Praying!
    Hugs ladies!


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