Musings of a Marfan Mom

Birth, Surrogacy, & Adoption Stories

Here is a collection of personal stories submitted by readers. If you would like to share your story, just email it to I’d prefer if you included a picture, but it’s not mandatory. Birth stories are of women who are personally affected by a connective tissue disorder. Surrogacy and adoption stories are of an individual/couple where one or both people are affected by a connective tissue disorder. Submissions may be edited for grammar and clarity.

Ashley’s Birth Story, #1
Ashley’s Birth Story, #2
Heather’s Birth Story
Jennifer’s Birth Story, #1
Jennifer’s Birth Story, #2
Julie’s Birth Story
Maya’s Birth Story, #1
Maya’s Birth Story, #2, Part 1
Maya’s Birth Story, #2, Part 2
Maya’s Birth Story, #2: 6 week follow-up


Our adoption (All the posts about our adoption journey thus far)

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