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Big Day!


This afternoon is our adoption homestudy! I’m both excited and nervous. The process consists of an hour interview for just me, an hour interview with Mark and me, and then an hour interview with just Mark. After that, our case manager will do a walk through of the house for the home inspection. I’m finishing up with cleaning this morning (coffee table, loft, bedroom) and still have to make our fire escape plan (nothing like last minute, right?).

I’ll try to post some of the questions we got during the interviews later this week, for those of you who might be pursuing this process in the future!

Tomorrow is our fire inspection, and Wednesday is (finally!) my husband’s physical. Then, WE’RE DONE! All we have to do is wait to get approved. I have no idea how long that takes, but I’m hoping not more than a month. We had our fingerprints taken on Saturday and the lawyer who did it said BCI is running *2 months* behind, but I’m praying that is not true otherwise we’ll be in limbo till probably April. I know we have little control over when we get matched, but I am a doer and I can’t just sit idly by waiting. We’re making a website and figuring out other ways to get the word out, but I can’t do any of those till we’re approved.

In the meanwhile, we appreciate any prayers or good thoughts you have to send our way!

(Also, totally unrelated: my January WebMD post is up!)

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  1. YEA! How exciting! I am sure it will go well and I cant imagine a better family for a little one to join!


  2. Woo hoo! I am so excited for your family. I know the process is slow for you, but it seems just yesterday you told us that you were adopting. I hope that it continues to go swiftly!


  3. Good Luck Maya and family! I hope the process goes swiftly for you and you’ll soon have a lucky little one to love.


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