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Baby Sings Bieber


I want to start off by saying I don’t know where the Menininho picked this song up. A long time ago, at least 6 months ago, he went through a brief Bieber phase after he saw the mop-haired wonder singing on the Today show. No Bieber again till a few nights ago when I parodied his song singing to Baby J. Then, last night M’s playing in a corner and Mark comes to get me. M is singing to himself! He’s never sung before!

Apologies for the crappy picture quality but M was standing between the camera and me, so, lest he catch on and refuse to sing for me, I had to use my phone to capture the video.

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  1. This makes me smile! Happy Wednesday!


  2. For whatever reason that got me a little teary! That is so exciting, he sounded as good as the Biebs himself.


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