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A Couple of Requests


I have a couple of favors to ask of you, fabulous men and women of the blogosphere.

1) I’ve come in contact with a woman who is 15 weeks pregnant and experiencing rapid growth of her aorta. As of this time, she doesn’t have a Marfan or related disorder diagnosis, but the standard of care is going to be pretty similar no matter the cause of her aneurysm. She would really love to talk with any other women who also experienced rapid aortic growth during pregnancy. If you did and are willing to talk with her, please let me know either in the comments or through a direct email to me and I’ll put you in touch. Let’s spread the word and get this mama the support she needs!

2) The National Marfan Foundation is competing in the Chase Community Giving contest. If they’re are in the top 100 nonprofits by the time phase one of the contest ends tomorrow night, they will receive $25,000 and the chance to compete for a $500,000 grant. Please, take a moment and vote for them! The NMF has played such an important role in my life and can do so much good with the money. If they make it to the 2nd round, I’ll definitely be posting about their plans for the $500,000 (each finalist organization submits a proposal).

Thank you! You all are fabulous!

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