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Tinkerbell Birthday Party


M requested a Tinkerbell themed birthday party a couple of months ago. I had a lot of fun planning it with him. This was his first “real” birthday party, as opposed to just family coming over. Usually I do the specialized cake thing and homemade decorations, but we went a little more commercial this year and I was ok with that.

tinkerbell birthday party decorations

These hung all over the kitchen.

Tinkerbell Cake

The birthday cake

M was insistent that we have red velvet cake. I think some of his friends were a little scared of it because it’s a non-traditional color for young kids.

child setting the table

M was excited to set the table himself.

We had a “fancy tea” of apple cider, muffins, and fruit. Then the kids got to make their own prince/princess crowns.

child coloring

J working on his crown

Afterwards, we had cake and ice cream, then opened presents. 90 minutes. Low key.

singing happy birthday to child

I love this picture because he looks so happy!

It was a fun party and I’m proud of M for what a great job he did. It was awesome to see him having fun :-)

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  1. AWESOME! Low key is definitely the way to go – low key and following the child’s passion. Looks like an incredibly perfect day!


  2. M had a great birthday this year!!!! And the party sounds great.


  3. Love it! Allie has tinker bell parties and hosted one for her Grampa on his 65th birthday!!


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