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Goodbye Baby, Hello Toddler

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I’m mourning a little right now. On Saturday, Mark took down Baby J’s crib and replaced it with a brand spanking new toddler bed. I was not ready for this. I’m not entirely sure he was ready for this, but honestly we know it’s more about how I feel, right? :-p

One last picture

I’m 2 weeks post-surgery, and I’ve got another 4 weeks before I can lift him. So, a toddler bed was a necessity. But you know what that means? I don’t have a baby anymore. His therapists have been commenting in the last couple of weeks that all of a sudden he looks like a boy, not a baby, and the crib gave me that last tie to “babyness.”
big boy bed

Someone loves his new bed!

I guess this wouldn’t feel so sad except that I don’t know if I’ll ever have another baby. That is completely outside of my control, and some days that really stings. Here’s hoping the crib isn’t in storage toooooo long!

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One Comment

  1. Maya- I feel your sadness. I went through the same thing when my nursing relationship with Samantha was cut short because of my surgery in January. He looks so adorable in his bed. And the good news is he is still your baby and will come to you for cuddles even when the things we hold onto are gone.


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