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Vroom, Vroom


I think I’ve figured out why my blood pressure is still not totally back to normal. I’ve decided at this point it has little to do with my recovering from childbirth and everything to do with driving in California. Today I had to drive Menininho to the pediatrician (about a 25 min. drive) to get him checked for reflux (which he unfortunately has). Over the course of my trip there and back:

# of times I was cut off: 2
# of times I was stuck behind a car going at least 10 mph BELOW the speed limit: 3
# of times I got lost on the way to the doctor: 1
# of times I got lost on the way home from the doctor: 2


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  1. Reflux STINKS!! Joey had it pretty badly – I just about went nuts between that and his chronic constipation! And really, it took him till he was 2 to ‘out grow’ his reflux, and still to this day he throws up REALLY easilly if he gets upset or anything. Ugh – I’m so sorry Miles has that. I hope treatment goes well!!


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