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Time Out!


Today I’m writing on Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop prompt #3: Who are you giving a timeout to?

Is it possible to give a Time out to time? If it is, I’d like to request that please.

See, I got sick on Saturday and only just started feeling better yesterday. This meant I haven’t gotten a lot accomplished. Yesterday I spent the entire day at the hospital: getting Menininho’s evaluation report (WHICH CAME IN THE FLIPPING MAIL THE SAME DAY, thanks for telling me!), having a ton of probably totally unnecessary blood tests for rare diseases (my OB is nothing if not cautious), getting my end-of-first trimester echo, meeting with my cardiologist, and having part of my echo redone because two techs working together couldn’t find my abdominal aorta. I didn’t get home till after 7 pm. Then it was dinner, American Idol, answering emails, folding laundry, answering questions about getting diagnosed with Marfan, trying to blog, and coming up with our packing list.

We’re taking a little trip this weekend, so today I need to: pack suitcases for Menininho and myself (and Mark, who am I kidding?), pick up my new prescriptions, learn the Boot Scootin’ Boogie, teach said line dance and a couple others to a group of unsuspecting 8-11 year old girls, run a few errands, do more SLP paperwork, and fill out my absentee ballot. There’s probably stuff I’m forgetting, like showering, but we all know that’s overrated.

So Time, if you could just take a break so I can accomplish everything I need to in the next 24 hours, that would be much appreciated!

* Please disregard the above request if you granting it would also mean that I have to continue listening to Meg Whitman is Satan/Steve Poizner eats babies commercials every 6 seconds on TV.

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  1. LOL I’d like to do that as well. Its my last week at my job and I feel as if I’ve gotten nothing accomplished, but in the end I’m sure that what I did get done will seem like a lot to most people…..sigh!

    Hope you have a good trip and that you don’t pull your hair out!


  2. I totally understand this feeling. We are leaving for a wedding today and my list had 27 things on it yesterday! I’ve gotten it down to 6, but only 3 hours left…..

    If you figure out how to make time “take a time out” please let me in on your secret!


  3. Ha! I also have a million things to do, because Diane and Nate are coming to stay at my house! It wouldn’t be a big deal, but Sister Nuffer is also coming, which means my very “lived in” home needs some hardcore cleaning, and even when I do it, it will only be medium-clean by Nuffer standards, ha ha.


  4. I love this! So funny. And if you figure out how to give time a time-out please let me know. I’ve got a crazy weekend coming up that I am so not looking forward to.


  5. I’d like to give a timeout to time to during which I’d like to sleep. Love that picture of you at the end. It is EXACTLY how I envision myself!


  6. Oh my goodness. I’m exhausted just reading this. Time sure does need a time out doesn’t it? lol Don’t forget to take some time out (haha) to relax.
    Come on over and see who’s in time out over at my place when you get a chance. Have a great trip Maya.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


  7. I second the time out for time!! Here ye here ye!! There is way too much to do!


  8. In case you figure out how to get a 25hour+ day, please let me know too!! 😀
    Stopping by from SITS, happy belated Saturday Sharefest :)


  9. I get that feeling every time I’m going on a trip or when my children are sick. Hope you get a break!
    Visiting from SITS :)


  10. I was just telling my friend the other day that I need one 24 hour period where no one needs me to anything or cook anything or clean anything just to sit. If you are giving out time outs I’d gladly accept.

    Stopping by from SITS


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