Musings of a Marfan Mom

The Recent Faces of the Menininho


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  1. Nice. What is it with kids and drawing on themselves. Mine do the same thing. He is too cute and look like he is always on the run!


  2. I really don’t think he could get any cuter and I can only imagine how ADORABLE the newest addition will be :)


  3. LOL That is too cute!


  4. If I ever have a little boy, I hope he looks as cute as the M.! :)


  5. i knew it(at photo 5) he’s coming to my side


  6. I didn’t get to stop by and comment on this last week. I’m so sorry about that. I love these photos. I love that a bunch of them are blurred. It’s so hard catching them in the moment isn’t it? They’re always on the move. :) He’s a cutie and I love every single one of his facial expressions, but I particularly love the pen markings on his belly. lol Unfortunately Alana had some pen markings on our living room furniture. :(

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


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