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The Menininho Turns 5!


I can’t believe my little Menininho is 5 years old! Next thing I know, he’ll be going to kindergarten! We celebrated with cake during the Superbowl, with Mark’s parents in attendance.

Every year on his birthday, I ask him the same set of questions about his life, to watch the answers change over time. Below are this year’s responses!

Favorite food: Food with not too much sugar and not beans and not too much cheese, but I like parmesan cheese
Favorite dinner: Pasta with parmesan
Favorite fruit: Blueberries
Favorite TV show: Mickey Mouse
Favorite song: You are my Sunshine
Favorite book: Sid the Science Kid, ’cause he does science
Favorite toy: Smurfs
Favorite singer: Mommy & Daddy
Favorite stuffed animal: all of my stuffed aminals
Favorite animal: Cats
Favorite place to go: to restaurants
Best friend: Zachary
Things I like to do for fun: Anything

Here are ages 4 and 3.

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