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The Boys Rate Golden Globe Fashion


Back by popular demand, M (age 6) and J (age 5) critique red carpet choices. This time, it’s Golden Globe participants.

Denis O’ Hare:

M: Good job! There’s no such thing as boy things and girl things!
J: He’s wearing nailpolish just like me. LOVE. IT!

Jennifer Lopez, in Giambattista Valli Couture:

M: Minion. Banana.
J: Cute! I like the design. Cute.

Kate Hudson, in Michael Kors:

M: Are you candy? You look like a pink tootsie roll. And shiiiiiiny!
J: I don’t like it. I don’t like that her belly is sticking out. No to all of it.

Jaimie Alexander, in Genny:

M: It’s like roundish lettuce.
J: I like her hair and I like the colors and the dress.

Eva Green, in Elie Saab Couture:

M: Glittery! Glittery!
J: I love it!

David Oyelowo, in Dolce & Gabbana:

M: Daring!
J: That’s the best. suit. EVER! I love it so so so so SO much! Purple is my favoritest color!

America Ferrera, in Jenny Packham:

M: Minion Banana, the Sequel
J: I like the necklace and I like the color of the dress.

Alan Cumming:

M: He’s handsome! I love the blue jacket!
J: I love his mohawk and I like this tie and his sneakers!

Jane Fonda, in Saint Laurent Couture:

M: She’s like a little flowerpot!
J: I don’t like that thing on her. And she looks like Jesus.

Gina Rodriguez, in Zac Posen:

M: Cinderella-ish! That’s a good thing. I was just trying to compare it with something.
J: I like the straps on her arms and blue is one of my favorite colors!

Eva Longoria, in Georges Hobeika:

M: Tacky!
J: I don’t like it. TRICKED YA! I DO like it because I like the flowers on it!

Viola Davis, in Marchesa:

M: We’ll call this “snowy, snowy night.”
J: It looks like it’s snowing!

Regina King, in Krikor Jabotian:

M: Flower Woman!
J: I love her cape! She looks like a superhero!

M: Viola Davis
J: Gina Rodriguez

Least Favorite:
M: Regina King
J: Regina King

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