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The Biggest Fan


Dear Ryan Seacrest,

I’m writing to introduce you to American Idol’s biggest fan. I know the rows of screaming pre-pubescent girls fawning over Scotty *think* there are no bigger fans than they, but they haven’t met my son, M.

See, for a long time M didn’t dance, or even really respond to music. When he received a diagnosis of autism last year we understood why, and I prayed some day he’d dance and clap along to songs like other children his age. These days, he’s dancing along to American Idol every week.

In fact, he can identify the American Idol and FOX logos now.

This is pretty cute, except when he sees an AI commercial and thinks that means it’s show time. That happened Monday night and it sparked a 30 minute tantrum because he couldn’t understand why House was on instead of the Top Seven. Whoops!

In any case, M has been asking all week for “N’idol” and was so excited for last night’s episode that I just wanted to share! Seeing him enjoy bopping along each week is just amazing to my husband and me!

Maya, the Marfan Mom

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  1. awwww he’s adorable! :)


  2. He is a man after my own heart. We are HUGE Idol fans here! And I just love that you took the time to express your gratitude for such “small” (that is, amazing) victories for your son! His smile is so genuine and lovely. So, who’s his favorite? We’re big Scotty and James fans in our house.


    marfmom Reply:

    I think he’s not ready to commit to anyone just yet, haha. He’s apparently not a fan of anyone who has been eliminated though, because last night when Ryan Seacrest asked the American Idol judges “so, do you miss this group?” M yelled “NOOO!!!! BYE BYE!!!” :-) I really like Scotty and James too though, and Lauren’s not bad either.


  3. I love the dancing!!


  4. He clearly gets his dancing skills from you.


  5. your son has just melted my heart.


  6. Thanks Maya and M — a real day brightener!!


  7. That was AWESOME!! M is too adorable for words. I love how AI has given you all something you probably never dreamed of. Hugs


  8. I love seeing cute kid videos and M is no different. He is so cute to see him excited over AI and be able to identify it. I’m sure he’ll be miles above anyone’s expectations.


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