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Surgery Stories

These are posts submitted by readers about their connective tissue disorder-related surgeries. Unlike most of the other “stories sections,” I do have some rules for submitting a surgery post. Please read these before submitting.

1) Any surgery is welcome, as long as it is related to your connective tissue disorder.
2) Do not mention the real names of any of your doctors or hospitals.
3) Provide as many details as you feel comfortable with…the point of these stories is to help those who are preparing for the same surgery.
4) By all means, if something went wrong during or after the procedure, include that information. However, please present it in a fact-based (as opposed to emotion-based) manner. Knowing a test was not ordered that should have been is valuable information to know. However, this is not the forum for bashing hospital staff for how badly they messed things up, therapeutic as that may be.
5) If you would prefer, you can submit a post anonymously.

Posts can be submitted to I’d prefer if you included a picture, but it’s not mandatory. Submissions may be edited for grammar and clarity.

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