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Summer Plans


I’m a little late on this (went to bed deliciously early), but I’m writing for Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop, prompt #4: 30 things I vow to do this summer.

1) Spend more time outside at the park
2) Can some peaches (or something) with Stacey
3) Buy another pair of maternity capris
4) Fly to Houston
5) Have a big dinner party with my Marfriends
6) Have a great time at the Marfan conference
7) Spend a lot of time at the pool
8 ) Paint my toenails blue
9) Get a massage
10) Take Menininho to the beach in FL
11) Find some new recipes to try
12) Have at least one BBQ party at our place
13) But in general grill more often; that’s what summer is for!
14) Eat deep dish pizza in Chicago with my college roommates
15) Read the huge stack of books on my reading list
16) Find a Fathers’ Day present for Mark
17) Find an anniversary gift for Mark (why are they so close together? Grr!)
18) Make smoothies
19) Re-organize the bedroom
20) Learn to use my video camera

And, we’ll leave it at that because if I set too many goals, none of them will get done 😉

What do YOU want to do this summer?

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  1. Great list! I don’t know if I could get around to doing 30 things either, although I am sure I could list 30 books I’d like to read! :-)


    marfmom Reply:

    YES, I hear you on that one! I’ve got a huuuuge list of books :-)


  2. Grilling is like the #1 thing that we do around here in the summer! I’m making BBQ Chicken tonight actually! I also want to get a tan, read and get good grades in my classes!!

    Hope you have a wonderful summer!


  3. I’d love, love, love it if someone would buy my house so I could move this summer. Anyone?


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