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The days of our “baby bean” are over! We’ve been trying half-heartedly for some time now to wean Menininho from his swaddler. Really, it wasn’t causing him any harm, but he’d wake up whenever he managed to wiggle out of it and it was getting old to wake up and re-swaddle him. But, every time we tried to put Menininho down to sleep without the swaddler he would freak out so much that after awhile we’d give in because I just don’t have the heart for CIO.

Yesterday I woke up with a slight fever. Our Internet was still not working (day 2 or 3). I spent the first part of the morning going back and forth between clueless tech support and clueless Stanford Hospital clinic coordinators. For some reason, I got the thought that it was the perfect time to wean Menininho, no. matter. what.

Lucky for me, Menininho agreed.

Except for one hiccup yesterday evening, Menininho adapted to falling asleep on his own pretty easily. Now I lay him on his back, cover him with his turtle blanket, and wind up his music box giraffe. What a big boy! :-)

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  1. That is too funny. I'm glad the timing worked out! hope you are feeling better chica


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