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Special Needs Ryan Gosling


It’s been one of THOSE weeks as far as special needs stuff goes. I KNOW some of you know what I mean. So, what better way to end the week than by participating with Adventures in Extreme Parenting’s Special Needs Ryan Gosling Linkup?

Check out all the other “Hey Girl” memes! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face! (Unless you hate Ryan Gosling, in which case I’m not sure we can stay friends.)

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  1. Who couldn’t use an advocate like Ryan?


  2. I just showed this to my husband and said, “aaaaaaand I’m going shopping…bye!”



  3. Ryan’s right… Mama Bear has to take care of herself, so she can care for her kiddos.


  4. That Ryan is such a dear. Also, how could someone NOT like Ryan Gosling?!


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