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Mark recently bought this odd light stand with some leftover credit card points. It changes colors and vibrates. Basically, it’s heaven for my two guys on the spectrum :-) Mark took some pictures of it in the dark the other night, so thought I’d share :-)

bright lights

(I’d share the other pics; but for some reason WP isn’t letting me rotate any pictures. Anyone else having that problem?)

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  1. That is soooo pretty! I want one too now just from seeing the pics!!!


  2. That’s so cool! I’d love to see what the unit itself looks like too!


  3. So awesome! I love pictures like this, fun with light!


  4. That looks awesome :) Glad your kids like it!


  5. That is so cool! Nice shot of it, too. My eyes are doing that thing where if I look directly at the photo, I can’t see your son, but I look slightly to the side and I can. heehee


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