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Santa Prep


I think I’m going to take the boys to see Santa early this afternoon, after speech and occupational therapy. The Menininho has expressed an interest in going and this way it shouldn’t be so crowded. So, this morning I decided I should prepare M for how a conversation with Santa might go.

“I’ll be Santa! Hohoho have you been a good boy this year?”
“And what would you like for Christmas?”
“Hand dryers!”
“And what would your little brother like for Christmas?”
“Ummm….hand dryers!”

“Ok M, but do you think there are other things people might want for Christmas? What do you think Daddy wants for Christmas?”

“Want hand dryers Daddy?”
“No, I want other things for Christmas.”
“Want hand dryers Mommy?”
“No, I want toys for Christmas. Don’t you want toys for Christmas?”
“No. Hand dryers.” < thinks for a minute > “Yes!”
“What kind of toys would you like?”
“Toys R Us!”
“Yes, some toys come from Toys R Us. What toys from there would you like?”
< thinks >

Baby Santa

M as Santa, 2008

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  1. Great idea! Copeland is terrified of Santa Claus, but my dad is coming over next week posing as Santa Claus and I am so worried about how that will go. This could be good practice.


  2. HAND DRYERS!! I am starting to rethink my Wish List……. lol


  3. That perfect gift – HAND DRYER – for that person who has everything! So cute Maya.


  4. So cute! And I love that picture!


  5. you’re doing pretty good if he gets the whole concept of telling Santa things he’d like – Maddie has no clue


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