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baby sick with RSV
baby with RSV
infant with RSV

Baby J and I had quite the adventure Monday and Tuesday. I’l post about it tomorrow; now I go sleep!

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  1. Oh no! Hope you are both resting and feeling better soon!


  2. Poor little J. Looks so heated and miserable. Hope you’re BOTH getting some much needed rest.


  3. Awww poor baby J. I hope he feeling better (and you got some sleep). Hugs


  4. Poor little darling!! CareBear struggled with RSV for a while when she was way little. It’s hard, he’ll get better! I hope you both get sleep!!



  5. Hope he gets better my first child had rsv! Scarey stuff but he will get better!! Get some rest!


  6. Poor little guy looks miserable. You all are in my prayers. Feel better.


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