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Quick Update


Just wanted to take a moment to give a quick update. So far things have been settled with the Menininho’s evaluations and they’re just about complete. I’m working on writing goals to submit at the IFSP meeting.

I had my non-stress test and AFI yesterday. Luckily, my amniotic fluid level is not borderline anymore! Smudge’s heart rate had good variability as well. That means I can get off bedrest, though the nurse cautioned me to not overdo it or my levels will go down again and I’ll be back on.

Last bit of news: had my last echo of the pregnancy (I’ll have 1-3 post delivery) on Monday. It’s hard to tell for sure due to the margin of error, but it looks like if my aorta grew, it was only 1 mm. Not bad at all! I’ve definitely been lucky aorta-wise this pregnancy. Here’s hoping for no dissection during delivery! :-)

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  1. Yes! That’s good news all-in-all! All the best…


  2. so glad things are going well – yay for being off bedrest!


  3. I think I would go crazy being on bed rest! Here is to a great rest of the pregnancy and a safe delivery!


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