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Getting a house ready sure is a lot of work! Painting and cleaning has taken longer than Mark & I had thought, but we’re having fun with it because holy cow we actually own a house! Our stuff is arriving early this morning (surprise!) so it’s going to be an even busier next few days as we scramble to finish painting the Menininho’s room (we’re hiring someone to do Baby J’s room & the basement) and unpack everything.

I do want to give a little shout-out to the company Simply Thick too. Do you remember the video of M washing his hands in it? In a matter of minutes, he’d gone through half of Baby J’s new bottle. J needs that thickener to drink any fluids (other than nursing) due to his penetration/aspiration. Well, within 24 hours of posting the video I was shocked to receive an email from a representative from the Simply Thick company. They’d seen the video, liked it, and wanted to replace the product that M had used smeared all over everything. There weren’t any strings attached. Today we came back to my inlaws’ to a large package from the company. It contained some bottles to carry around beverages that we’d pre-mixed and 3 containers of Simply Thick. I couldn’t believe it! And while like I said, they didn’t ask me to mention them on the blog, write a review, etc., I am so impressed with their customer service that I want to publicly acknowledge it. Thank you!

Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures of the work we’ve been doing on the house, on Thursday we’ll have a guest post, and Friday is the usual Friday Favorites linkup. Hope you all are having a great week! :-)

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One Comment

  1. I am glad you are having so much fun with your new house that you OWN!!! So excited to see some pictures of what you have done (and maybe some of how it looks after you have all moved in? please)

    Simply Thick does need to be acknowledged for their customer service. First because it was excellent, beyond excellent even. Second because maybe other companies will see that and work to bring up the level of their customer service. Really some company’s customer service shouldn’t even be called a service!

    Thanks for the update! Hugs


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