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Pumpkin Patch 2011


I just looove pumpkin patches! This weekend we had the chance to take the boys for pictures and pumpkins. We went to the same patch as last year, as it’s pretty small and uncrowded, which is easier on the Menininho.

He was SO excited! They’ve been learning about pumpkins at school, which means M has been pointing out “puh-kihs” wherever he sees them. “HIIIII PUHKIH PLACE!” he yelled when we arrived. :-)

It was a little difficult to get pictures this year, with him running around moving pumpkins from one section of the patch to another, but we got some good ones. Here are a few of my favorites!

Baby at a pumpkin patch
father and sons at a pumpkin patch
toddler with baby

Toddler with a wheelbarrow

Baby with Marfan syndrome at pumpkin patch

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  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!


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