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Pudding Party


A little background:

Sensory play is good for developing fine muscle coordination, and even more important for kids who have sensory issues, such as being hypersensitive to touch (so the OTs drill into me!). We had a free afternoon (a rarity these days), so I decided to whip up some instant pudding and let the boys have at it (because the OTs are always telling me to do this & I’ve yet to try it). The Menininho enjoyed swirling it around with his fingers all over his high chair (and then the counters, while I was bathing his brother). Baby J just worked to shove the pudding in his mouth as fast as possible. Next time, we’ll try Jello!

Baby plays in pudding

smug boy with pudding

funny baby face

baby covered in pudding

Toddler makes a mess

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  1. Looks like super awesome fun!


  2. Looks like the kiddos had a great time!!!!!


  3. I love it! Fun and worthwhile.


  4. You are a brave woman – it will easier to do this next year when you have a backyard where you can hose away messes.


  5. Kool-aid paint is fun too! Just add a bit of water to the packet and use as a finger paint! Since you don’t add the sugar its not as sticky as pudding and jello. Cool whip is fun too though, still sticky.


  6. They are really cute. Looks like they had a lot of fun!


  7. haha. such a mess, but how can you not love their faces?!


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