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Project Smile January


I have got a lot of reasons to smile these days.

For starters, all I hear on the news is that some mega storm is coming to take over 30 states. I live in sunny California though! It’s been about 70 degrees during the day time and still only in the 40s at night.

Baby J started smiling this month. He particularly loves to smile after his 5 am nursing session. Much as we are eager to go back to sleep, Mark and I can’t resist spending a few minutes basking in his grins.

yay for blurry phone pics!

Long phone calls with faraway friends. Forget cleaning, this is the best use of nap time! :-p

Along those lines, I can’t wait to finalize plans for our trip home to Ohio! Just thinking about it gets me grinning!

The Menininho’s birthday is just around the corner! I am so excited to make the cupcakes for his class party and a cat cake for our family party.

So now it’s your turn: what brings a smile to your lips?

Feel free to link up to Alicia’s Project Smile.

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  1. One of the best smiles I’ve seen this month! Now, if only you could pass along some of that sunshine!!!


  2. Umm… that smile picture is the cutest EVER.


  3. Living in sunny CA would definitely make me smile right about now. lol. Thanks for sharing all your smiles with us!


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