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I’m late this month, but this is my post for Project Smile. Thanks to Kristi for reminding me about it! The linky for Project Smile is open until 11:59 pm if you want to join in.

Things That Make Me Smile

The Menininho just learned how to say “all done” (“uh-duuuh”). He is SO emphatic when he says it – throwing his arms out dramatically – that I laugh every single time.

My belly. It’s large. A lot of clothes don’t fit. It looks awesome though and I’m going to miss it when it’s gone in a few weeks.

Starbucks, specifically their pumpkin bread and hot chocolate. (Mom, we’re going to have to bake some when you’re here. And by we, I mean mostly you if I’m still supposed to be in bed.)

On Wednesday, M. protested when I dropped him off at class. It only lasted a moment, but in that moment he was upset to see me go. This hasn’t happened before. I told his occupational therapist that although sure, I don’t like seeing my little guy upset, I was really grateful for this because it’s a sign that he knows me and that I’m a Special Person. Yes, sometimes it’s convenient to have a child who doesn’t care if you’re in the room or not, but most of the time it’s actually kind of painful because I want to know that my child loves me and knows who I am and misses me when I’m not there. Now I know he does :-)

So now it’s your turn: what brings a smile to your lips?

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  1. Playing with the cats and kittens at the shelter near my apartment makes me smile. Most of them are rescues, coming from some abysmal conditions, and all of them respond fantastically when someone actually shows affection for them.

    Imagining M saying “uh-duuuh” does it, too. I remember how much he loved “more.”

    And it’s still my goal in life to teach him “no!” :-)


  2. So glad you snuck it in before the cutoff. It’s so cool to hear you talk about your belly as being so great. Wish I’d treasured it more. And I forgot it was a bloghop too. oops. Never added my link. Oh well. Thanks for linkin up and sharing your fabulous smiles. It certainly brightened my day.


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