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Positive Exposure Documentary


I was going to write about toddler stomach flu today, but instead you can all thank your lucky stars that I noticed Rick Guidotti posted the trailer to the upcoming documentary On Beauty. I’ve talked about Rick here before. He takes pictures of kids and teens with rare disorders that affect how they look and shows them how beautiful they are. Rick has been coming to the National Marfan Foundation conference for years and you can’t help but look at his photos and say wow. Our kids are more beautiful than any supermodel. I especially love at the end of the trailer when Rick says “F*** inner beauty, these kids are GORGEOUS!”

So true, Rick, so true.

I for one am so grateful at the hard work he puts into his nonprofit Positive Exposure (which is what On Beauty is about) to help these kids ands teens really celebrate themselves, and I can’t wait to see the whole documentary. I hope it’s available for mass viewing!

If you’re interested in Positive Exposure, they are on Facebook and Twitter.

Please check out the trailer!

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  1. looooved it. must watch.


  2. That made me smile.


  3. Love it. I’m sharing this again. Thanks!


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