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First up, a belly shot. Beginnings of a baby belly, or just an ate-too-much-at-dinner belly? You decide.

And yah, if you were wondering, the picture was taken in our bathroom. It’s the only room with a solid, non-white backdrop.

Many of you know that I am heavily involved with the National Marfan Foundation. Our annual national conference was July 10th-13th in Boston. I had the opportunity to work with the teens again this year, which I absolutely love. Mark was able to come with me too, which was great! Although he wasn’t actually with me most of the time, he did go to some cool classes and get to meet most of my “Marfamily.” Conference to me is a big family reunion. I can’t wait to take Lil’ Z next year! Below are some conference highlights:

My friend Heather and me: we’re part of an online chat group and met in person for the first time at conference.

Our scavenger hunt group outside the bar Cheers was based on

My friend Laurel and me

Some of the recipients of the NMF leadership award

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  1. Hey Maya! I like your little baby bump. :) Congrats!


  2. BELLY! and CONGRATULATIONS on your award as well – how exciting! :)


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