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If you or a loved one has Marfan, you’ll feel me here. Pants. Shopping for them stinks. Finding the right pair is ah-may-zing. But seriously….trying to find pants? At a decent price? It’s as bad as trying to find shoes, I tell you!

I’ve gained a bit of weight over the past year. Stress eating. Less exercise. Happens to the best of us…right? Well I’ve got to wear business-y attire (re: not jeans) to the board of directors retreat in a couple of weeks, plus I’ve got this grand rounds presentation in, um, about 11 hours. And I don’t have a really good pair of dress pants. Or any dress pants that zip. My khakis are a little tight and I haven’t needed actual dress pants since grad school, and I was hugely pregnant then.

So, I went cruising online a few weeks ago and found the perfect pair, ON SALE, at JcPennys! They arrived while I was in the hospital. Once I got home I was too swollen to fit into them, but even as I lost the water weight I realized these pants were NOT true-to-size (same brand as my jeans…you’d think all pants in that brand would fit the same!). Grr! I went online to buy the next size up, but of COURSE they were sold out. Found what I thought was a similar style (same brand) and ordered them, even though I was pretty sure they wouldn’t arrive in time for tomorrow’s presentation.

But then they DID! And I was pumped! Well, till I opened them up and realized 1) they’re STILL too tight and 2) they’re POLYESTER. Do people still wear polyester pants? They are also wide leg and just really too 70s for me, even if they did fit. There’s a fine line, and they hopped over it.

Tomorrow I’ll prepare the returns and hope my white legs don’t blind anyone as I give my presentation in a skirt. And maybe, maybe I’ll find a pair of pants before the retreat.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow! Sorry about your pants, but it’s pretty cool that you get to present!


  2. has always been my go-to for pants; they have up to 37″ inseam. The website is aimed at a young crowd, but with some searching I always find something I like.


    marfmom Reply:

    They’re long enough, but they sit so low on the hips that all the pairs I’ve tried from there fall off, since I have no rear end :-(


  3. Ugh! Yes, pants have been my own personal nightmare since childhood! And no, I can not afford $200 jeans to get the right size! Currently, I have a pair of Levi’s. They don’t fit perfect, but are long enough and I’m not buying new jeans until I lose some weight. I’ve also had luck with in the past.
    Anyway, good luck with your presentation tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear about it!


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