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Our New Addition


We are so excited to welcome Menininho into our family! At some point I’ll post his birth story, but for now just some pictures. Sorry for the delay in getting these posted…I’ve been having trouble with Blogger!

I’m sure you’re thinking…Menininho?  What a name! It means “little boy” in Portuguese, my mother’s native tongue, and no, it’s not our son’s real name.  I figure I’d better use a pseudonym for him because right now he doesn’t have a say in me doing this blog.  :-)

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  1. Maya & Mark – a huge CONGRATULATIONS on the safe arrival of Miles. He's darling! I can't wait to read about his birth story!


  2. Congradulations!He is beautiful.Stephanie G.


  3. Miles is adorable!!! CONGRATULATIONS 😀


  4. He is beautiful! I am so happy for you!!


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