Musings of a Marfan Mom

A Preview & A Request


So many things to catch up on!

1) We had a relaxing, if eventful, weekend vacation
2) We’re trying to transition M to a center-based occupational therapy program (as opposed to the home-based that he’s been receiving)
3) Today is a big genetics appointment, with lunch with some Marfs from out-of-state thrown in
4) If you wore blue for autism awareness day (or, I guess, if you want to pretend that you did because how will I actually know?), email me a picture by tonight for me to include in tomorrow’s Wordless Wednesday post. Pretty please? :-)

Look for a “real” post on Thursday!
adorable, stop and smell the flowers

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  1. Love this little guy!


  2. Such a cute shot. And not proud to admit but I’m pretty sure I never came by to say contests on Baby J! So CONGRATS! Hope you all are enjoying each other!


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