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My son, except for his big brown eyes, looks just like my husband. Sometimes they act so much alike I wonder if I was even a part of the whole process.

The other night I received confirmation that yes, Menininho is at least slightly related to me.

We had company over for dinner and I made Mark’s new favorite dish: gluten free chicken enchilada bake, along with a nice spinach salad. The Menininho devoured his casserole immediately and signed for more. I figured before I gave it to him, I’d try to make him eat a little bit of the salad because he’s been on an anti-veggie kick recently. It was a no go.

Mark piled some more enchilada on M’s high chair and I tore up the spinach and mixed it in. He’d never taste it, right? First bite went well, and then the kid started gagging. I jumped up, thinking he was choking. Nope…he had noticed a SPECK of spinach on his tongue and was trying to force it out of his mouth. Talk about the Princess and the Pea! Once he rid himself of the vegetable, he meticulously combed through the rest of his food and removed every single piece of green to the side of his tray.


I was praying that by introducing him to a variety of veggies early on (beets, eggplant, acorn squash, you name it) we’d skip this stage. Maybe it’s genetic, because I was the same way as a kid: carefully cleaning off my food of any offending vegetables or anything else that I deemed distasteful that day. Hopefully with time and continued exposure, M. will once again broaden has palate.

Here’s a short clip of his other recent eating habit (and hear his first word!).

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