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Mothers’ Day 2011


This is what I look like right now:

I haven’t felt this sick for quite awhile. Luckily for me though, I have an amazing husband who has taken great care of me this weekend :-) Mark’s done the 3 Cs: cooked, cleaned, and cared for the kids.

He and the Menininho went to church this morning while I stayed home and snuggled Baby J, who is also under the weather. When they got home, Mark came bearing mini croissants and a slice of strawberry cheesecake, courtesy of the church’s Mothers’ Day brunch. Of course M wanted some and I taught him how to mop up the strawberry juice with the croissant. He also presented me with my Mothers’ Day card and gift, and by that I mean he insisted on opening the card, handing me the envelope while he read the card, and then giving me the card.

My favorite part of the day was taking M to the little playground by our apartment, just him and me. It was empty of any other kids. He had me stand at the bottom of the slide, and then he’d run up the stairs, pause, laugh, turn the steering wheel a few times, go down the slide, rinse, repeat. I didn’t have the energy to stay very long, but I loved having that time just him and me and seeing him so happy. :-)

How did you spend Mothers’ Day?

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  1. Being frustrated by the people who make me a mother, but pampered by my spouse. The extremes were a bit weird!


  2. No wonder you feel sick! There’s a big white thing coming out of your nose!!


  3. glad your Mother’s Day turned out nice. Hope you feel better soon. Glad to see that M shared your card with you. He is growing up a lot. :)


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