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Marfan Awareness Month: Share Your Stories!


February is “Have a Heart Month” for Marfan awareness. It’s a month that I know we in the Marfamily look forward to :-)

Many of you have guest-posted at various times, and I’ll be sharing those links on Facebook during the month of February. If you have not guest-posted before and would like to, I’m looking for the following types of stories to post next month: diagnosis stories, birth/surrogacy/adoption stories (that incorporate your diagnosis somehow), or celebration of life stories (sharing the story of a loved one who has passed away). You can write about yourself, if you are affected, or your child.

Please submit your posts to as soon as possible. Posts in any length or format (ex. – I’ve had poems submitted before) are acceptable. I welcome stories from related disorders as well (Loeys-Diets, Ehlers-Danlos, Beals/CCA, etc.). Please include a title and, if you feel comfortable, a photograph. I may edit for grammar and clarity.

Also, if you’re looking for other ways to spread the word about Marfan this month, check out the National Marfan Foundation’s toolkit!

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