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Thought I’d take a moment to record some cute things that the Menininho has been saying lately:

Wandering around the kitchen: “I want five bucks! Want five bucks! Want five bucks!” “M, why do you want 5 bucks?” “I want five bucks!”
We think this is from a commercial. Any ideas which? Maybe Subway?

Sitting on the couch: “Boat!” “Oh, is this couch a boat, M? Where are we going?” “Go Subway!” “Child, you have never eaten at Subway before. Why do you want to go there?” “Go Subway!”

– “Hey caaaat! I got surpriiiiise fo you! Run awaaaaay!” Yah…no explanation there, except those are two phrases he is using a lot lately.

– “Matt cry?” This was something M said to my brother so often when he was visiting recently that now it’s an inside joke among his friends. However, when Matt called the other day, “Matt cry?” was replaced by “Matt fart! Matt fart! Matt fart! Matt fart!”

– “Fart poo-poo funny haha!”

– ‎”Byebye Daddy, I go work.” “Where are you going to work?” “[Insert name of Mark’s company]” “What will you do there, M?” “Marfan!” Yep, he’s got his bases covered!

Upon noticing Mark’s shirt, which had the name of his alma mater on it: “I going go there.” “Really? What are you going to study there?” “Bathrooms.”

– “Bunny go doctor! Bye-bye!”

child with autism

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  1. I’m tickled at the thought of him studying bathrooms! Bless :)


  2. I want 5 bucks too.
    Very cute picture – especially like the stickers.


  3. Awwww he is too adorable!


  4. so cute! i love the idea of taking the boat-sofa to subway!


  5. I love that the couch is a boat!


  6. Love that picture! This entire post made me smile. On occasion, I studied bathrooms in college. Or, rather, prayed to them.


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