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Labor Day


I began to panic late Sunday night. Labor Day would be Mark’s only weekday off till Thanksgiving, by which time Smudge might be here. Time is running out for our family of 3 to spend time together as a family of 3! At about, oh, 2:00 in the morning I insisted to Mark that we do something fantastic to celebrate the holiday. Good man that he is, he acknowledged he didn’t understand my concern but that we’d do whatever I wanted.

I forgot that our greater metropolitan area does NOT know how to do holidays. When I checked yesterday morning, I learned all events were done on Saturday or Sunday; nothing special to go to on Labor Day itself. I should have remembered from the 4th of July…no matter what day the 4th is, activities are always done on the Sunday closest to the holiday. Dumb.

Mark suggested that we go downtown to the fountain plaza, let the Menininho run around and get wet, then walk through the plaza together and grab some dinner. It wasn’t the grand day out I’d envisioned, but it was a blast!

M. was not shy about running into the fountains at ALL. I loved watching him laugh as the water shot higher and higher. When we first arrived, there were a handful of other small kids around, each manning their own water spout. After a while though, a bunch of older kids came by. One, who looked to be about 8, came and sat on the spout the Menininho was playing in so that he could not play anymore. When M. tried to share another boy’s spout, that kid hit him in the stomach. Yes, I told that kid off. Seriously! Where are these kids’ parents? Yes, kids will be kids, but it’s a parent’s job to teach their children to be mindful of others, especially babies.

Anyway, we left soon after that because I was afraid M. would get hurt more. We had a great walk through all the little shops and restaurants of the city. Basically every place was closed for the holiday, so Mark had to do some research to find a restaurant for dinner. He was actually able to find a Mexican restaurant that did gluten-free. The food was really pretty good so I’m sure we’ll be heading back there again!

We finished up the evening chasing the Menininho around the living room and trying to narrow down nursery themes.

What did you do for labor day? Those of you with more than one child, did you freak out about spending more family time together before the 2nd child was born?

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  1. We had a busy weekend! Since you’re from around here you probably know about Johnstown Swapper Days, we went to that as well as 2 bonfires. We also spent some time with Andrews family.

    My mom and dad talk often about life with me before my brother was born. We took a big trip to Disney and did a lot of weekend trips to visit family, but there are almost 4 years between me and my brother……so they probably had more time.


    marfmom Reply:

    Actually, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I DON’T know the Swapper Days!!! What are they?


  2. Loved your pictures, but not the part of the story where M. gets bullied!

    I myself am a Labor Day baby, depending on which day Labor Day specifically falls. This year, my birthday was Saturday, so we just re-grouped on Sunday and Monday and watched the U.S. Open on TV. My daughter (oldest child) was born right after Labor Day – she turns 18 on Friday. So I clearly remember the barbecue I went to on Labor Day in 1992 — I was HUGE and it was the last Labor Day I was childless!


  3. Little cutie boy looks like he had fun! Our good friends always have a big campout weekend at their place so we put up our tent and hung out with lots of friends, dogs, pigs & chickens. Fun!


    marfmom Reply:

    Oh that sounds like such a great time!


  4. We spent this Labor Day weekend in Mississippi with friends and Kari’s boyfriend Kyle.
    I remember praying when Crysta was due that I would have her before Labor Day and I did. Her dad and I had a full 3 days to bond after we got home.
    This Labor Day, my step daughter had her daughter–Sophia. :).


    marfmom Reply:

    I saw the pics on Facebook! She’s adorable!


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